Choosing a Musical Instrument For Your Kid

Music is a very rewarding discipline for the development of children. If you want to encourage your son or daughter to pursue their musical talent, then music lessons (and of course instrument) is one of the possibilities available to you.There is no greater gift than to offer your child the opportunity to learn music. Scientific studies have even shown that playing an instrument has a positive effect on the cognitive abilities of children. They thus develop better coordination of movements, better memory, and easier learning of subjects like mathematics and languages!

What Does My Child Want?

That is the question that you must absolutely ask. Music is a personal experience. It is therefore important to separate things and realize that your musical tastes or your choice of instruments are perhaps not those of your child. This applies even if your child plays with an instrument similar to yours, he or she may be interested in a completely different style. Talk with your son or daughter, or better yet, go together in a music store and let them try the instruments. Children are more likely to continue to practice an instrument they have chosen themselves.

The choice of instrument is mainly oriented by the interests of your child.  Do they like rock? If so they might well prefer an electric guitar to an acoustic model, for example. Also, if your child wants to learn the guitar, it is not at all necessary to the start on an acoustic. In reality, an electric guitar can be easier to learn because of its fine handle. In the end, even if you know your child well, they know what instrument is best for them.

Musical Instruments for Children

Obviously, children are of different size. Childrens instruments are somewhat smaller to accommodate the length of their arms, hands and fingers.

Apart from the dimensions, the aesthetic side of the instrument is important. To make them more attractive and motivating learning, children’s instruments are available in numerous colors and decorative motifs. Yamaha, for example, offers a line of recorders, fluorescent color. Even if you have never seen this style of instrument in an orchestra, from the perspective of a child, they are more attractive and there is more chance he grasps this model to play. A little color is essential to motivate them to learn a new instrument.

However, if you want your child to have a more traditional look, some brands offer instruments for children similar to those of standard size. Scarlotti the brand is a good example with its violins. It’s the same for most guitar manufacturers.


How much does it cost ?

If, like us, you take music seriously, then it will pay the price to get a suitable instrument. Most instruments are available in different price ranges – the guitar is a good example. A more expensive guitar sound better and provide better comfort to play a less expensive model that should have an effect on motivation. There is nothing more motivating than having a difficult instrument to play and that rings false because it is made of poor quality materials. This is why it is worth investing early in a quality instrument for it to last as long as possible, a few years or even a lifetime.

Percussion instruments like claves, shakers, the drums and tambourines are generally less sensitive to high quality criteria that governs the string instruments or wind so they are more affordable financially.

The noise

Rome was not built in a day! And your child will not become a piano virtuoso overnight. musical instruments produce sound, so it’s important to think about before choosing the right instrument. It all depends on where you live and the number of annoyances that the instrument can cause, especially if you plan to buy a battery or an electric guitar with amp. Some instruments have a control to adjust the volume or a jack for connecting a headset which is useful if you live in a small apartment, for example. We can not turn down the sound of all instruments! See the Accessories section (below) for more tips.


Take lessons?

There are pros and cons about taking lessons. You can opt for group lessons, conservatory or insured by a private teacher. The courses at the conservatory will bring the advantage and the opportunity to play in a set which is a great way to practice listening to others and develop social relationships while making music. Private lessons require more work but they provide personalized support. On the other hand, children can sometimes be influenced by motivation levels of their peers and group lessons can sometimes be detrimental if your child shows a natural ability. Some children work well in groups and others not at all.

In the end, you are the most qualified to know what suits your child to flourish.

The recorder has an glamorous reputation but it is the instrument of choice to start. For many years, it is used as an educational tool in primary schools and colleges because it is easy to carry and almost unbreakable. In addition, it offers a relatively easy way to learn the basics of music.


Almost all instruments are available with one or more accessories, it is almost impossible to play without each other.Most of these accessories are sold at affordable rates but it is good to have an idea of the range available and how much they will cost you before making your choice. Some accessories are more a luxury than a necessity while others are crucial.

General Accessories

Hearing protection : Although our eardrums are able to withstand high volume sound, it is not advisable to test their limits especially when it comes to those of a child. We are constantly exposed to noise and too high sound levels can cause permanent hearing damage especially for children’s ears. In a large room, the volume of a battery diminishes before reaching your ears but if you play the same instrument in a smaller room then that’s another story. The sound waves will bounce off walls and create reverberations that can damage your hearing if you are not properly protected.That’s why it’s a good idea to bring your child protection when he learns on high volume instruments like drums, but know that it is not necessary for the violin or the flute.

USB microphones : Recording musical performance of your child is an important thing especially to see the progress he has done. The easiest and fastest way is to use a USB microphone. Just plug it into the USB port of your computer and start the recording software and press the record button! A microphone stand: This accessory is recommended for recording acoustic instruments, but if your child plays on a keyboard, a digital piano or synthesizer, an adapter cable is probably all you need to connect the instrument to your computer and preserve these early recordings.



If your child has decided to learn the guitar and wants to hear what he plays then buying an amp will be essential.However if you are on bad terms with your neighbors and you do not want to make things worse, then the model amPlug VOX AC30 2 is a good solution. Plug it into the guitar for your child to hear the authentic sound of an amp through headphones. We also offer a wide selection of combo models to suit all budgets. Other accessories for electric guitars are the cables , the picks , the media , the tuners and strap . All these products are presented in the category Guitar Accessory of our website. Be careful, some of these instruments are designed only for acoustic guitars.


Keyboards are probably the easiest instruments to learn and can be the most fun with the many sounds and rhythms they offer. There are a few essential accessories for these instruments as a damper pedal. A metal pedal similar to that of a piano gives a more authentic feel but a single footswitch can be just as convenient, especially for beginners. The expression pedals are in the same category, but they are often used as a volume pedal. If you want to experiment with an expression pedal make sure beforehand that it is compatible with your instrument.