How to Choose an Automatic Fish Feeder

An automatic fish feeder is a true life saver for any pet owner who is determined to see their fish healthy. These equipment have become an important part of aquariums in many as households as well as commercial enterprises. Automatic fish feeders are meant for your
fish when you’re away on vacation. They are convenient way of feeding a fish on a metered food amount different times per day. This is actually an ideal way of saving food. Feeders comes in different designs and styles, ranging from large units with single functions to larger ones with multi-purpose functions. The following are the main categories of automatic fish feeders and some considerations you need to factor in when choosing one.


Battery powered are the best option since they will keep feeding your fish even if the power goes off. It is also important to consider the type of fish food you intend to use, such as freeze-dried, flakes, pellets and others. Generally, automatic fish feeders are designed to take pellets though there are some that takes fish flakes. Some fish foods tend to bad or clump due to high level of humidity. It is important that you choose a feeder with humidity protection feature to help eliminate this issue. Usually a feeder needs to be attached to a tropical degree saltwater aquarium. Some feeders feature moisture controlled units that are designed to prevent pellets, flakes and other dried food substances from drying.

Another important factor to consider is the time length the feeder will before having to be refiled. If you want your fish to be fed more than once in a day, you may consider going for the one that enables you to set time and the feeding frequency that is ideal for your fish. Other products are capable of releasing various meals at specific times but in intervals.

Automatic fish feeders comes in various categories and the following are some of them.

Multi-Functional, Multi-Food and Moisture Controlled

These provides multiple feeding per day for your fish. They feature a moisture control system and can easily handle pellet, flake or freeze dried fish foods.

Multiple Daily Feedings and Food Type Feeders with no Moisture Control

These feeders doesn’t have the moisture control feature but offers multiple daily feedings
of freeze-dried foods, pellet or flakes.

Non-Programmable Flake Fish Food Feeders with no Moisture Control

These feeders are automatic though not programmable for various feeding intervals. They lack the moisture control feature.

Programmable Flake Food Feeders with Moisture Control

These are the categories of products with every functionality you’re looking
for.  We strongly suggest you check out some top automatic fish feeder reviews if you need some guidance.  The choices can get overwhelming sometimes so it is always good to read some reviews.