How to properly educate a puppy?

Living with a dominant dog can be potentially harmful to other animals and people in the household. If your dog shows the willingness to take charge, make sure that you understand him that he is the disciple and you are the leader. Properly disciplining your dominant dog is essential to correcting its behavior.

When your dog repeats unwanted behavior several times after being corrected, the appropriate disciplinary action is to remove him from the room and confining him to a crate for 10 to 15 minutes. Dogs like to socialize. By isolating your pet companion dominant you teach him that his behavior is unacceptable. As an alternative, you can also limit your dog in a small room in the house. Integrating Correctional Verbs

When your dog exhibits dominant behavior, such as staring back at you, without looking further, use a verbal command to stop it in its tracks. Tell him firmly “No” or “Clear” and congratulate him when he yields and looks obediently. Be consistent to discipline your dog’s unwanted behaviors. Disciplining your pet companion sporadically is not effective. Have all family members use the same disciplinary action and verbal commands to correctly get the message to your dog.

If your dominating companion dog has trouble following orders, place a long slide line on his collar. A 10-foot traction line allows your dog to walk around the room and it is easy for you to discipline it. 
When your dog jumps on the couch, pull the leash out. When it is time for lunch, tie it to a doorknob until you have put down its food. Detach it and let it eat. These actions show your dog that you are the one who is in control – you are the leader

Physically knock and slap a dominant dog is not an appropriate form of discipline. It can aggravate the problem and damage your relationship with your dog.
The strongest physical disciplinary action you can use on a dominant dog is the role of alpha. This form of discipline forces you to circle your dog on his side, upstairs. One hand holds the head down through the neck while the other hand holds its hips down. The alpha roller should be your last resort and should only be used for the most serious violations.