Kitchen Equipment You Need

Undercounter sink: Number of bins will depend according to your habits and according to the size of your kitchen. Choose a tray in small kitchens, it will leave you more work plan to cook. For medium-sized kitchens and large kitchens, two tanks will be useful and will give you more comfort.

kitchenMaterials: most sinks are ceramic, stainless steel or composite materials (natural stone, such as quartz or granite, to a higher or lower percentage depending on the range + acrylic resin). However, pay attention to the characteristics (tightness, sound, resistance …) because, for each one, you will find products of very good quality as low-end products. There are also sinks in Corian or glass that allow you to be in total harmony when your worktop is the same finish.

Installation type: Depending on the material of your worktop, you can either embed your sink from above (laminate worktop) or from below (worktop in stone, glass or stainless steel). The second solution is the most expensive but it is much neater because the joints are invisible and the plan easier to clean.

Accessories: from the saucepan to the drip basket to the integrated cutting board, you will find multiple accessories to complete your purchase. One of these is the garbage disposal unit. What is the best garbage disposal? Read the article to find out.

Specials: You will find special faucets designed for sinks under a window. Very practical (but not necessarily very resistant), they pivot or push down to let the window. In very high-end kitchens, it is possible to install the mixer tap directly into the wall. Aesthetics and design, this is an option to choose upstream to predict the plumbing connections.

Light has an important place in the kitchen and it is necessary to think carefully about places that need to be well lit before even fitting it.

Under tall furniture: lighting is necessary to illuminate the worktop. You can opt for a bright background integrated into the high cabinet (more aesthetic but more expensive) or spots added below the high cabinet.

Bright shelves and credenzas: to accentuate the contemporary and contemporary look of your kitchen, you can choose bright shelves or credenzas that will liven up your kitchen.

Luminous glazed furniture: enjoy having glass furniture to incorporate light, especially those with beautiful dishes (crystal glasses, etc …)

Base lighting: some dealers, rather high-end, offer mood lighting on the floor. These are actually spots integrated directly into the skirting boards or LED strips of light.

Type of lighting: LEDs are the least energy-consuming, come in many forms (spots, bulbs, bands, etc …) and can diffuse many different moods. By cons, they are still very expensive. Otherwise, you can opt for halogen or fluorescent lighting that is more affordable.

Cupboards: There are many storage accessories, more or less futile, which will nevertheless facilitate your daily life.

Towel rack: very practical, to be integrated into low furniture, or a limited space available.