Tips for installing a urinal

Urinals come in manual or automatic type patterns found in restrooms, restrooms, cinemas and other public places. A urinal manufacturer you can install, American Standard, also offers a variety of toilets. Installing a urinal requires mounting on a wall and securing it to the plumbing lines. To do this, you must have the water line and plumbed out on the wall where you plan to install the urinal.

There are many questions that people ask about urinals. For example how much water does a urinal use per flush? That will be answered in another article but keep reading for the installation instructions.


1 Wrap non-stick adhesive tape on the threads of the water pipe. Screw a 90 degree elbow so the left face outlet. Tighten the elbow with a wrench.
2 Attach the threaded end of a flexible hose to the 90 degree elbow grip. Screw the end of the pipe with a wrench.
3 Measure from the floor 35-1 / 4 inches with a tape measure and locate the wall studs using a stud finder. Measure the inside of each stud 6-3 / 4 inches, and make a pencil mark.
4 Drill a hole in the wall at each mark with an electric drill. Place a wall bracket on each hole. Place a washer on a delay screw, and insert it into the wall bracket. Tighten the delay screw with a flat screwdriver.
5 Insert a drain flange and gasket onto the drain hose. Turn the flange over the threads on the pipe.
6 Place the urinal on the wall brackets, and position the anchor hole on the drain flange. Use a level to verify that the urinal is sitting level on the wall.
7 Place a washer and nut on each of the studs on the drain flange, and tighten them with your wrench. Run a bead of mastic around the perimeter of the urinal to seal to the wall.
8 Connect the hose to the fitting on the urinal shut-off valve.

Tips and Warnings

Place a rubber band on the hose to keep it out of the way temporarily when attaching the urinal to the wall.